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SynenTec Bio Services is your sales & service partner for the Cellavista product range in Europe.

The Cellavista is a cell imaging system and a dependable, fast and fully automized solution for tedious routine work in cell biology, cell line development and biopharmaceutical production processes.

It offers excellent brightfield imaging for fast and non-invasive measurements during cell culture and three fluorescence channels for in depth- analysis of cell status and response to different treatments or cell culture conditions.

A little bit of history

SynenTec is the original developer and manufacturer of the Cellavista cell imager which was distributed worldwide by Innovatis AG since 2007. After Innovatis¬īacquisition by Roche in 2009, the Cellavista product range was marketed under the Roche brand.

In summer 2012 SynenTec acquired the rights for the Cellavista from Roche and funded SynenTec Bio Services to support new and existing customers in Europe. In mid-2013 SynenTec will resume full responsibility over the installed base of more than 100 units around the world.